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Hypothetical Timeline

Posted on 06 May 2014 in Technocratic Party | Comments Off on Hypothetical Timeline

Year 2014, the Technocratic Party has begun its operations in New York state. July 8,2014 to August 8, 2014 they are petitioning to be on the ballot of Gubernatorial Election 2014.

4 years forward by gaining momentum among the youth: independent, democrats and republicans; Numerous states have HQ for the Technocratic Party. Novemenber 4th, 2018, First Technocrats are on the ballots of the local and federal elections.

August 2022, first two technocrats is elected into congress and New York and California recognizes the Technocratic party officially.

November 2024, Technocratic Party is electing their first presidential nominee.

2036, 56 congressman and 3 senators are members of the party.

Let’s make this a reality, together we can alter the future and write the history.