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Fast food madness

Posted on 16 May 2014 in Economy | Comments Off on Fast food madness

The hamburger #robots are coming. In 10 to 20 years, the burgers will be flipped by the machines. Fast food jobs will turn into robotics engineer and maintenance positions. The future looks bright; robotics squeezing the low skill workforce out, but are there enough jobs for all the future graduates? Whatever these jobs will be […]

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Legalization of Marijuana

Posted on 15 May 2014 in Health Care | Comments Off on Legalization of Marijuana

Let’s review the 3 months since Legalization #Marijuana: 3 Months Since Legalizing Marijuana, Here’s What Colorado Looks Like The Colorado legislature has already formed a plan to spend $33 million of the marijuana taxes on school nurses and public education on marijuana. Even Colorado cops plan to get a chunk of the new revenue, asking […]

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Who is a technocrat?

Posted on 08 May 2014 in Technocratic Party | Comments Off on Who is a technocrat?

Technocrat is someone who holds the constitution in one hand and augment device in the other – a smart phone. One grants the lawful rights, and the other informs if these rights are infringed.Technocrats recognize that innovation is what driving the nation forward. Increasing investment into science and technological infrastructure, we as a nation can […]

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Hypothetical Timeline

Posted on 06 May 2014 in Technocratic Party | Comments Off on Hypothetical Timeline

Year 2014, the Technocratic Party has begun its operations in New York state. July 8,2014 to August 8, 2014 they are petitioning to be on the ballot of Gubernatorial Election 2014. 4 years forward by gaining momentum among the youth: independent, democrats and republicans; Numerous states have HQ for the Technocratic Party. Novemenber 4th, 2018, […]

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Life expectancy a 100 years

Posted on 05 May 2014 in Health Care | Comments Off on Life expectancy a 100 years

What are we going to do when in 10-20 years, aging is slowed or even reversed and life expectancy jumps to a 100 year. They will probably tax people who will choose to live longer, and they will definitely raise the retirement age. This will be a moment in history to remember, when most everyone […]

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50 million Americans are facing food insecurity

Posted on 28 Apr 2014 in Domestic Policy, Social Justice | Comments Off on 50 million Americans are facing food insecurity

Right now, there are nearly 50 million Americans that are facing food insecurity. When the next economic crisis strikes, that number is going to go much higher. We need a better welfare system, that it comes with adult education. We want people to find better jobs, and not be afloat on government pay. Obviously, this […]

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